Vegan Donut Heaven – Beechwood Doughnuts, Niagara

 Oh my…everything. I didn’t think I could ever find another vegan bakery to up the standards on vegan baking and deliciousness. Enter: Beechwood Doughnuts! This is a very quaint and cute little bakery located near Niagara Falls in St. Catherines, Ontario and they sell all kinds of delicious and delectable donuts! Not for the healthy-at-heart flavours like Cookies & Cream and French Toast these donuts may be vegan but they most certainly aren’t waist-line friendly (nor are they gluten free). 


To be honest, I was ok with it. The flavours and texture of these donuts were incomparable to any other vegan baked good I’ve tried. I absolutely loved every single bite! Be sure to visit early as the line-up is usually out the door and down the street annnnd they tend to sell out rather quickly!

xx HBL


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