Loving Lately 15.04.16


Well Hello Loves! I’m coming at you this Friday with a super-fun Loving Lately post! Because I really miss them and it’s a great way to share with you some things I’ve been loving that you can look into too if your interested! I’ve mixed in a few baby/pregnancy and a bunch of other random things so I hope you enjoy!

Floral Prints
I’m obsessing over floral prints. Maybe it’s because I’m so desperate for spring and to have the flowers start blooming! 


Because floral prints aren’t enough! I love filling my house with fresh flowers, especially at the beginning of spring. How cute is this idea of using an old tea pot?!


The Natural Pregnancy Book
I’m sure I’ll do a whole post on some pregnancy books I’m really enjoying but for now I thought I’d share the one I’m reading now! I love this book! It’s just filled with great information on taking your pregnancy down the natural route, feeding your body good foods and taking care of yourself. It’s a great reminder for even those with a healthy lifestyle.


Oh my am I loving granola lately. I can’t get enough! I’ve been baking up a variety of flavors and just love it! I’m working on something super special too so stay tuned for that.

This Shirt
It’s just such a cute shirt and of course helps bring awareness to a healthier more plant based lifestyle. Plus, it goes with my ‘Kale is the new Beef’ insulated bag!


Golds & Pastels
I honestly don’t know what’s on trend for spring/summer but I’m totally feeling golds and pastel colors. (plus florals, obvs!) and not just in fashion but everywhere including the home or your office space!


Pink Blush Maternity
So, this is really a better maternity website for all you American readers (sorry Canadians)! We can still order but of course there will be $$ coversions and possibly customs buuut if you’re looking for a really cute maternity dress and don’t want to go to the typical maternity stores we have here it’s a really great shop! I’m thinking of placing an order as they’ve got 20% OFF dresses this weekend only!


Springtime Garden Parties
Like this one. Epic.


Positive Vibes

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Enjoy the beautiful weekend!

xx HBL



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