Beauty Faves | Everything Under $20 Edition!!

Yep! You read that right! Everything in today’s post is under $20 and are far green-er options to the toxic beauty products out there. Honesty Hour: Many green beauty products are quite costly, especially if your the type of girl who used to buy that $4 bottle of shampoo from the drugstore. I totally get it, and I personally have found it a world hard to keep up with. I know I blog a lot about green beauty and I still feel it’s important, however if you can’t afford it.. what’s a girl to do?

I’ve got you covered loves! This months favourites will help get you on a green-er path – both in beauty and in your wallet. All the items I’ve listed below are ones I’m currently using and as a little treat I’ve linked to a online retailer as well as shared some discount stores you can purchase them from if you have them in your hometown!

Alba Botanicals Shampoo
I really really like this brand not only for their shampoo but a lot of other products. They are on the green-er scale of beauty products and are much safer than the alternative drug-store brands. You can pick up a bottle for around $10 or if your a bargin hunter Winner and Marshalls usually have some bottles for $5-7!

Alba Botanicals Conditioner
I really love the Alba conditioner, I find it really hydrates my hair and leaves it feeling soft and looking shiny and healthy. It’s definitely a green-er option and again you can pick this one up for the same deals as above!

Alba Botanicals Hand & Body Lotion
I purchased this because I wanted to avoid certain essential oils in my current creams and lotions and I’ve been really happy with it! It’s got a subtle chocolately smell that I love. It feels nice on the skin and absorbs quickly so it doesn’t get stuck on clothes. You can usually pick this up for about $15 in the Natural section in Superstore or your local supermarket and again for a bargain deal at Winners or Marshalls!

The Honesty Company Hand Sanitizer Spray
I’ve been obsessed with using this, not only for the smell but because it seems everyone around me is sick, getting sick or fighting off an illness.. you can never be too careful so this has come in really handy. I found this bottle in a Baby Store but you can also get it online at for about $6.

Coconut Oil
My saving grace! I’m in love with coconut oil. I continue to use it as my make-up remover of choice and it does an amazing job! You can pick up a smaller jar almost anywhere now-a-days (that will last you months and months) for around $12-15.

Joe Scrub Matcha Facial Scrub
You guys already know how much I’m loving this since I just posted about it recently. It’s an awesome scrub to hydrate and smooth your skin. One of the best reasons I love this scrub is not only because it’s natural but it’s only $5!!

Thayers Witch Hazel with Cucumber Extract
I’ve really been loving this as a facial toner! I discovered witch hazel is great for reducing redness and tightening pores so I had to try it out. I’ve had nothing but good luck so far and am really enjoying it. You can get this bottle for around $14 but if your lucky you might find it on sale for about $10 online!

There’s probably a tonnnnnn more products I could mention but these are the ones I’m using on-the-regular recently so I really wanted to share them. I hope you found this month’s faves helpful and if you like the bargin under $20 green beauty idea I can start posting more of that!

Have you tried any of these products or brands before? What were/are your thoughts? Do you know of any other affordable green beauty brands?

xx HBL


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