The Place To Be For All Things Gluten Free | Gluten Free Garage 2016

Wow! I just realized how long it’s been since I covered a media event for you guys. I really do love attending events but I find I get so caught up in all the offerings and vendors and speakers I forget to take beautiful photos and share the event deets with you all! Of course this one is mostly for my local peeps, my friends in the six – but perhaps for all you other readers you can search out events like this one in your local area (and if there arnt any, why not try starting one up?!).

also! I’m just gonna be straight up honest here and say I really didn’t get any photos of the event…. 🙁 sorry guys! I did however document the adventure on snapppppy chatty (BalancedKate) so add me to get access to the next event I cover!

For a long long time, while I was vegan I was also pretty strict about being gluten free. While it sure did make me feel my best, it wasn’t a super sustainable lifestyle for me so I began to open up my diet to minimal gluten and other animal products like sheeps yogurt and goat cheese and farm-fresh meats and what not. It’s kind of why the bloggyyy is called “Her Balanced Life” – I’m just trying to be as reasonable and balanced in my life as possible, as healthy and well as I can be but not taking to any extremes anymore.

This event was really great though! Offers of everything gluten-free under the sun we got to meet all kinds of new and local vendors who are trying to offer health-conscious foods and snacks. Of course some of my top faves were there including Bunner Bakeshop, Matcha Ninja, Station Cold Brew, Beekeepers Naturals, Earth + City, annnnd Tori’s Bakeshop! (btw – they are the totally awesome people that made my custom pale blue donuts for our baby gender reveal party!).

If you want to see a list of allll the awesome vendors that participated and offer gluten-free goodies check out the Gluten Free Garage!


There were also a few new vendors (at least for me) that I got exposed to as well as Joy from Joyous Health there that I wanted to share a tiny bit more about!

Joyous Health

Joy McCarthy was there as a Holistic Nutritionist selling some of her really great natural products including her new belly bump butter for new moms and moms-to-be. Naturally, I picked up a tub and so far am totally digging it! the smell is delicious and oh-so-good! and it’s totally good for you too. No weird ingredients, all natural and will help with stretch marks.

Joy was also kind enough to point out some really great mom/baby tips that I have to share with you!

Drink Plenty of Water
You’ll stay hydrated and keep baby well hydrated too. It will help with skin elasticity and of course is very important during the summer months when mommas might get a bit more hot.

Lots of Vitamin C
Make sure your getting lots of vitamin C in your diet to help with the collegen in your skin and to help prevent stretch marks.

Drink Coconut Water
This is another really great hydrator that also provide you and baby with electrolytes.

Lots of Walking
She stressed this one big time and it’s one I’ve noticed makes a huge difference. Make sure your getting up and walking around as often as you can. 20-30 minutes a day!

She was so great and it was really lovely meeting her again at another wellness event. If you’re wondering about more nutritional advice, recipes and mom tips check out her website

Steam Box Dumplings

These were probably some of the best dumplings I’ve had. Ever. They were sampling a bunch of flavors and my faaaave had to be the veg one! It was just the bomb-diggity! Right now they’re an online delivery company in Toronto but are looking to quickly expand. I’ll definitely be watching for them in the supermarkets!


Sweet Hart Kitchen

This delicious new raw, plant-based, gluten free company makes some insane goodies! Everything from raw macarons to tiramisu. They were sampling their show special – a mix between a mars bar and snickers bar but waaaayyyyyy healthier and good for you! It was so tastey I forgot to snap a shot so I’ve borrowed their promo photo for you guys to enjoy!


Wood & Water Foods

My absolute new favourite cheese!! These guys have the plant-based cheese down pat. And sorry to Daiya but Wood & Water have found a way to make cheese healthy and dairy free! The cheese is nut based, made from cashews so it gives a really wonderful creamy texture. I picked up their herb & garlic and sharp & smoky cheeses at the show and have already almost wolfed down the whole sharp and smoky favour! So good!

These were literally only a few of the incredible and awesome vendors that attended the show, there were just too many to mention! It was such a great way to get exposed to more local health conscious brands and companies – thanks so much to Gluten Free Garage for having me!

xx HBL



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