Pregnancy Update: 2nd Trimester Symptoms + Cravings + More!

Welcome back to another Pregnancy Update! I guess my first post was more food related (I called it a ‘Food Diary’!) but I wanted to share a bit more with you all as I’ve found these updates to be helpful from other mom-to-be’s that I’ve been reading recently! It will also be such a fun way to look back and see if anything has changed in my third trimester and post-pregnancy!

Enjoy 🙂

Cravings: In all honestly, I don’t have any serious cravings. I really am enjoying lots of plant based foods and I’ve developed quite a resistance to meat. For some reason I’m still going strong on hearty bowls of curries, stews, warm stir-frys and the like. I think it’s the weather! We’re experience a less-than-wonderful spring right now (cold, cold, cold) so I’m still craving a lot of warming dishes. I have been snacking a lot more on my favourite Ice Cream from Luna & Larry though. It’s the best, ultimate flavor (and it’s vegan 😉


Mood: Although I mentioned in my 4 Pregnancy + Momma Bloggers I Love post that I enjoyed their journeys through pregnancy as they have been so positive and joyful, that’s not exactly how most real-life friends and family like to tell it. It seems once the announcement of pregnancy comes out, so do all the horror and terrible stories of pregnancy and birth. Regardless of all that though, I’ve been pretty positive this second trimester (the first one was hard simply because I wasn’t eating well)! I really feel like it’s going so much better than people’s horror stories had be believe.

Baby’s Gender: We found out at 18 weeks through a 3D Ultrasound that we are having a BOY! My Husband was ecstatic and I’m very thrilled too. Of course we confirmed it on our regular routine 20 week ultrasound too (just to be sure!). We actually hosted a fun gender reveal party, had a cake made and found out with the rest of our family and friends once we cut open the cake. It was such a fun time!


 Movement: I find it’s so hard to tell since I’ve never really had this feeling before, but I’m pretty sure I feel the little guy moving around, quite frequently too! In our 20 week ultrasound he was allllll over the place!! Moving, twisting, turning, kicking.. yep. It’s fun guessing everytime I think I feel a kicking or type of movement if it was baby or just gas!

Carrying: So I’m not quite sure because I don’t have a previous pregnancy to compare this too but I’d say I’m carrying lower.. although it feels like babys growing all up in my ribs and lungs (can’t breath over here little buddy!) but it’s going quite well!

Weight Gain: I’m embarrassed to say I put on more weigh right before baby than I have with baby so far! Before we decided to start our family my Husband and I went on an epic adventure to Iceland and Germany, along the way I brought home about 10 extra pounds of bread, cheese and food on my body and am closely following the typical/average weight gain for 20+ weeks of pregnancy.

Nursery: We started this soooooo early!! Over eager-excited parents I guess! We bought our crib from (50% on sale, wooohoo!) and got our dresser from Kijiji. We’re working on some of the final details like painting, rugs and curtains but otherwise we’re pretty much ready for this little muchkin. Our goal is a very grey neutral toned room with pops of greens and blues.

Names: When we found out we were having a baby, my husband and I got right on names.. and came up with a stellar girls name in no time. Boys names? Didn’t even cross our minds.. it wasn’t until we found out the gender that we got serious on names and finding one we really loved. It’s a bit of a surprise (although we’ve told some family and friends) but we’re pretty certain on it.

Midwife or OB: It was my intention to get in with a Midwife in my area, unfortunately they were all booked.. so I opted for an OB up until about 20weeks and then found a Midwife clinic that still had an opening so we’ve officially switched! I’m feeling mostly positive about it because I like the idea of their care vs an OB (of course everyone has their own opinion) but we feel quite a bit more confident about our care and the delivery to come now.

Exercise: I’ve been taking a free yoga class at my Gym once a week which I’m really enjoying, otherwise it’s walks for about 30 minutes a day and the odd light-weight training and cardio at the gym. I’ve been a lot more lax than I want, but I never expected to be so tired at the end of the day!

Aches & Pains: I’ve actually been going regularly to my chiropractor for adjustments and I’ve found they help tremendously with aches and pains. Although sitting in certain chairs for long periods of time (including driving) ache my lower back and it feels like my lungs are getting crowded in, I don’t have too many aches and pains!

Sleep: Sleep is a completely different story. Between the tossing and turn, not being able to sleep on my belly (which I did almost every night pre-pregnancy) and my Husband’s snoring… I’m up a lot during the night. Not to mention the need to pee at 2am! It’s not been bad enough where I’ve felt overly exhausted as I do give myself time to nap in the late afternoons.

Currently Wearing: Anything that fits! haha. But seriously, I haven’t been wearing a lot of one specific style (except gym pants… those are the only pants I’m wearing) I’ve been keeping it casual with daytime dresses, leggings, flowy tops and sometimes form fitting!

I’ll try and post a few more of these pregnancy updates for you all (and for me 🙂

Have any of you had similar pregnancy symptoms? What was your pregnancy experience!

xx HBL



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