Ginger Lemon Tea Tonic

 Happy Victoria/May24 Weekend! Boy, it feels like forever since we’ve had our summer long weekends (about a year really :p) and it’s very nice to have them starting up again. I seriously love long weekends. It’s the ultimate dream for that one extra day a week to extend your weekend, doing nothing and best of all – not work! Well.. mostly not work. As a blogger, I’m kind of always working, but no worries. I enjoy this and mostly enjoy using my extra time to create content for my social channels and on here, the bloggy-blog!

I’ve been making this recipe recently as the weather gets nicer and to help me get off my coffee cravings. Coffee is a seriously sensitive subject when your pregnant, sooooo many people have their own thoughts on the matter: why you shouldn’t drink it, why you can.. and they’ll share it with you too. Personally, I’ve been having a cup (12 oz or smaller) whenever I need a bit more of a pick-me up and only in the mornings. I feel ok with this amount as I actually consumed even more pre-pregnancy but to each your own. Obviously a herbal blend of goodness is going to be much better for you and baby so I’m sharing this tasty bevvy with you guys today!

**I’ve obviously pictured just a single cup here but I like making these in batches to get me through the week. Simply make a single serving of the same ingredients, if you’d like 😉

6 Cups Water
4-5 Ginger Tea Bag
1 Whole Lemon
1 Inch of Fresh Ginger

Boil your water (or if your using purified water simply add to a pitcher). Add water to pitcher and submerse tea bags. Allow to steep for about 2 hours (for cold water brewing allow to steep over night). Juice your lemon and ginger (if you can’t juice ginger, simply slice it into small bits). Add the ginger-lemon juice to your pitcher of tea. Enjoy immediately or place in fridge to set overnight.



xx HBL


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