What To Read: The Natural Pregnancy Book

I mentioned in my most recent Loving Lately post that I really love the Natural Pregnancy Book! so I wanted to dedicate a small post to it to share a few reasons why and a few things I’ve learned from reading it! Hopefully it can help you determine if you’d like to read it too.

Firstly, I have to say this is not just a book for pregnant woman. As the author Aviva Jill Romm mentions this is a book for everyone – your mom, Aunt, sister(s), your husband and even for you, pregnant or not. It’s actually a great book to read BEFORE you get pregnant because it can really help you get your mind and body ready for this miracle of life.

I’m not going to lie, I skimmed a bit through the first section of the book as I’m kind of more of a facts person and I’m really not into the whole ‘we’re from the earth, let’s be one with the earth’ pregnancy baby thing… Sorry. I’m definitely all for more natural solutions but I definitely lean towards the middle of the spectrum with natural and medical going hand in hand. That’s just me though.. but I thought I’d share because that first section is not why I love the book.

I loved it for the incredible in-depth analysis and overload of information on nutrition and proper eating before and during pregnancy. If you’ll remember I admitted my first trimester went a bit terribly in the food department…. so I really wish I had this book as a motivation to try to eat a bit better then. The book has definitely brought me back to my old healthier ways of eating which I am really really loving! Aviva reminds you that baby can start to taste all the foods your eating, so it’s important to get in lots of good nutrient dense foods like vegetables and whole foods as this can have an affect on their taste buds later on.

“We do know that all kinds of food habits start in mom’s womb, ranging from food preferences to quality of fat cells that can set the trend for healthy weight.”

There’s also some really great tips for learning to listen to your body and bond with baby while they’re still growing inside of you. I’ve come to realize how much more of a special gift that is than I initially thought. You can start talking to baby at around 18-20 weeks and they can hear you! Aviva suggests taking time out each day to talk to baby, read a favourite book, play a song you love. Because when baby gets here, they’re going to recognize your voice and those books and songs you read and sang will become some of their favourites.

“These Books will probably become your child’s all-time favourites, as babies definitely have exhibited preferences from their prenatal time.”

There are just so many great tips and points you can take away to have a happy and joyful pregnancy. I highly recommend it if you are pregnant or thinking about having a baby in the near future!

Have you read this book yet? What were some of your favourite points? Do you have any other natural pregnancy books you’ve enjoyed?

xx HBL


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