Netflix and Chill | Summer Preview Event

This had to be the true definition of Netflix and Chill – summer edition. Netflix US along with Netflix Canada hosted a pretty rad event this past Thursday at Archeo in the historic (and ever beautiful) distillery district in downtown Toronto. Normally I can’t make it to a lot of these events as I live outside of the city and trying to get downtown for 5-6pm.. forgetaboutit!

For those of you familiar with #the6ix there’s basically only one way to get into the city and that’s the 404 highway or the DVP. Yea it sounds cool with VP at the end but rest assured you’re not considered ‘very important’ on this highway.

So that along with entering month 6 of pregnancy – I’m feeling more and more like a homebody. Buuuuuuut my ever amazing Husband (who always supports me) encouraged us to try to go, even for a little bit just to see what it was all about.

I realize I am probably making it sound like I thought it was the end of the world to go – it wasn’t. I’m just a bit of a baby when it comes to leaving my comfort zone and home area.

So we made the drive on the most beautiful Thursday evening to Archeo and boy was I so happy we did! The event was hosted in the back patio with incredibly beautiful string lights hung all around, overflowing gorgeous flower planters everywhere and even a cute bellhop cart full of Netflix luggage! 

  I have to say Netflix hosts one heck of a party – with a cute appetizer cart filled with antipasto, breads, homemade hummus and even a fresh corn chip and guacamole station that I just fell in love with. Of course the food didn’t stop there, we indulged in a full on buffet of BBQ including BBQ pineapple and delicious veggie skewers and all kinds of salads. For my #instagramhusband there was a bar set up off in the corner with a variety of refreshing beer, cocktails and even cucumber and lemon water (yay for me!). 

 The event was bustling with all kinds of important and creative people including loads of other influencers and bloggers from around the city.

Netflix set up some pretty cool photo op corners including one of my faves the bucket swing! And to kick off some of the new shows they had a ridiculously pimp (yes, I used the word pimp.. it was needed) photo booth that placed you right in the scenes of some of their popular Netflix original shows and movies!  It was quite the event and we really had a lot of fun attending.

For those of you who may have been living under a rock, Netflix is basically becoming the millennials version of cable TV. They offer 3 packages to suit your needs and they’ve got some of the most current TV series including Scandal and Suits along with their original series Orange is the New Black. You can basically watch Netflix anywhere. It’s definitely the family favourite in our house. (and no, this post wasn’t sponsored, I’m actually already a Netflix customer myself!).

Of course since we found ourselves in one of the most beautiful areas of the city my wonderful Husband took some shots that I’ll be posting soon for another OOTD post! Can’t wait to share those.

Have a beautiful Sunday friends,

xx HBL


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