Beet + Apple Radiance Juice

I’m baaaack! Yay! I have to admit it was nice to take a break, unwind and connect with family. Baby and I are doing great and were really enjoying spending every minute together. Now that I’ve had time to reflect I’ve decided to pick up on the old’ blogging life because I realized how much I really enjoy it! 

And now your probably thinking a juice recipe?! Yep! I’ve finally got my hands on a juicer and it’s easily become one of the most used items in my kitchen to date. I’m in love.

I was always in love with juice (you guys know that) but I’ve always just purchased the cold-pressed goodness from juicebars and only when I was in the city.

I’ve easily become a pro, because you know only a couple of days can do that to you (not really) but I have been making this juice on the regular and wanted to share it with you guys incase you’ve got a juicer and are looking for a new recipe fillllllled with goodness!

**As always, I’ll suggest to use organic produce only as this will significantly decrease your pesticide exposure**

1 Beetroot
2 Stalks Celery
1 Mini Cucumber
1 Green Apple
1 Small Peeled Piece of Ginger
1 Large Carrot

Simply wash all your produce and chop into smaller pieces if needed, place in your juicer to extract all the goodness and enjoy!

xx HBL


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