How I’m Making Baby Life Easier with Fresh City Farms 

Life with baby is so incredibly different than it was before. If I wanted to go somewhere, I did; buy something, not a second thought; run an errand, why not 2; take a nap, heck yes.. all those simple little tasks are not so simple anymore! Of course, I love it! Life with a baby is just such a blessing and brings an incredible amount of joy so I’m not complaining in the least, it’s simply a matter of fact kind of thing that your life changes once you’ve got a little human dependent on you. 

So. Of course, since life’s different there are days ( so many days) that making a meal from scratch just isn’t a priority anymore. Making sure baby has a bath, gets fed and goes to bed and stays asleep is my evening priority now! Because I’m a bit side tracked and realize I’ve still got my husband to cook for too I’ve found premade meals a lifesaver!! 

Honestly, while we were renovating our kitchen and dealing with a newborn we ate so much take out I couldn’t take it anymore! We finally got the kitchen in a somewhat orderly state (plywood counters and a stove) and I began cooking again.. that lasted a few days before we were either eating at 9pm after baby was asleep or ordering take out again. 

I know there are quite a few healthier take out options available now but there’s reallly only so long you can go eating food from restaurants before you crave making your own food. At least that’s how I feel! So when Fresh City Farms wanted to partner with me to test our their new premade meals in a jar I said ‘heck yes’! 

It’s so so so easy and simple. I cannot stress that enough. You sign up, put some meals in your basket, pay and then they send you all the delivery details. When your food arrives it’s well packaged and fresh and youve basically got your dinner ready to go in the fridge! We selected a few different meal options from the pesto salmon to the chicken and potatoes and I have to say we enjoyed all of them! 

Fully cooked, fresh, organic meals you simply pour out of a glass jar, heat and eat! It’s the best meal delivery takeout alternative I’ve tried yet. My mind had time to focus on all the important baby stuff instead of thinking about how long I have to marinade the chicken and all the veggies I’ve got to chop while washing up little babe in the bath. I simply got to think about bath time. 

Of course, because I don’t just get deals for myself I’ve got you all covered with a $20 coupon code for first time subscribers! Simply enter ‘FRESHREADER‘ at your checkout to have the $20 applied to your order. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Go make your life easy for the week! 

xx HBL 


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