My Current Supplement Routine

I always get a few questions a week as to what supplements and vitamins I take. Because I always love your comments and suggestions, I really wanted to share with you all so if any of you are interested you can review it for yourself and check with your healthcare practitioner to see if it’s right for you too! It’s so important to remember that we are all different, so just because these supplements work well for me doesn’t mean all (or any) will work for you. But of course, curious minds. So I’m sharing what I use today! 

I got on a really good regime after seeing a naturopathic doctor when I was more ill and on medication. I wanted to start feeling better and get off my prescriptions because they were just making me feel blah. She was so great and really did a lot of digging before setting me up with a solid plan. I’ve been mostly consistent for the past 2 years with this too and notice a real difference if I skip a day. 


I began taking this pre pregnancy because it’s important to boost your body with any low or definicent vitamins before you get pregnant. It’s also important to get a pre natal multivitamin that has folate because it’s critical for baby’s development. I’ve been taking this one for 2 years now and will probably continue to take it for another few years with nursing and possibly for our next child. 


So I had to double check on this one because pre pregnancy I was on curcumin which was ammmmmazing for my endometriosis but it’s apparently not so great during pregnancy and even afterwards if your nursing baby. I found these thanks to a recommendation from wellness mama Joy McCarthy. I love it because it still has the anti inflammatory properties but it’s safe for me to take right now. 

DHA oils 

I began taking this during pregnancy to help with baby’s brain development and have continued to take it because it transfers into the breastmilk and can still greatly benefit baby. It’s also good for our bodies because everyone needs DHA and omegas. 


I’ve started taking this again because I was looking for an overall good superfoods to start taking again. Spirulina is a complete protein, chocked full of vitamins and minerals, helps detoxify and is a natural energy booster. I looked for one that was safe for nursing as you do have to be careful and found this one from Organic Burst to be amazing. They really ensure the quality and test every step of the way as well as guarantee it’s safe for moms and baby so I like that. 

Vitamin K + D 

I found since having my baby I’ve begun to bruise a bit easier. After a bit of research I decided to try out Vitamin K and since it aids in the absorption of Vitamin D I got a supplement with both vitamins together. Vitamin D is great for us North Americans who doesn’t see too much sun in the winter. It’s also a really great supplement for gut health. 
So those are my supplements of choice at the moment! I know it may actually seem like a lot but ideally our daily food intake just doesn’t provide all that we need to stay healthy anymore so it’s important to supplement where you may be lacking or deficient. Hopefully it helps any of you know where to start in your supplement selection but as always consult a healthcare practioner for advice before starting anything new. 

Lots of love friends and stay balanced!

xx HBL 


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