Winter is actually a beautiful season here in Canada, we get lots of snow which creates a bright clean landscape and makes for lots of fun outdoor activities like tobogganing, skiing and snowboarding. With the season unfortunately comes the dreaded cold and flu viruses that we all dread every year. Actually, as I type this I’m currently in the middle of fighting a pretty bad cold that almost feels borderline flu-like so I thought what better time to share my favouite products and remedies incase the bug affects you and/or your family!

Personally, I love as many natural remedies as possible and since I’m still nursing Elliot I have to be careful with what I use. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Nyquil and its incredible sleep inducing power, but you’ve just got to be a bit more careful when your pregnant or nursing. A quick heads up, these products don’t prevent colds or flus.. I’m not sure anything really can. BUT! They do help ease the symptoms and quicken the life cycle of the virus (I’ve found for myself, at least).

Here are some of my favorite cold and flu products:

Bee Keepers Naturals Propolis Spray \\ $13.99
Use: Throat Spray

I absolutely love this product and have been using it for years, basically since Carly the founder started up her company. This spray is made from 95% bee propolis (the other 5% being purified water & glycerin) and can really help sooth and ease a sore throat. The flavor is much like honey and coats your mouth with a nice sweet flavor. Bee propolis is one of the best natural healing remedies available too, so if you’re interested in natural healing or just want to sooth your sore throat, this product is for you!

Sage Wellness Pocket Farmacy \\ $59.95
Use: Natural Essential Oil Remedy

This is probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! The kit is not cheap but if you keep a close eye on it you’ll probably find it on sale at some point during the year. That’s what I did and I’m so thankful I got it. The kit is filled with little essential oil rollers that help with headaches, boosting your immune system, helping with stress and digestive issues and even muscle pain. The one roller that works best for cold and flu season is probably the immune roller with with eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree oils.

Sage Wellness Immune Booster Kit \\ $36.95
Use: Overall Immnue Boosting

Sage wellness has basically everything you need for cold and flus! This immune booster kit is filled with the immune roller, echinacea throat spray and bath salts to help you boost your overall immune system. You can also purchase all of the items in the kit separately if there is an item you don’t want or need. A note regarding the throat spray… it tastes terrible. Like.. horrible. I absolutely hate it. BUT, I’m also one of those people who will use something or do something if I know there are positive benefits to come from it. Just a quick little fyi before purchasing!

Wildflower Natural Unpasturized Honey \\ $9
Use: Edible Honey for Throat Relief and Overall Health

Unpasturized honey is my jam, you guys. Haha, no pun intended there.. But seriously. I love this stuff and for good reason. It’s probably the world most anti bacterial and anti viral food available. It’s amazing how those tiny little bees can make such an incredible product. I love adding a big glob of honey to my tea or even just hot water and lemon. The healing properties are great for our bodies and the creamy texture of the honey helps coat and sooth the throat.

New Chapter Elderberry \\ $34.99
Use: Herbal Pills to relieve symptoms

This is my first year trying out these capsules as I’ve read so many good reviews on Elderberry for colds and flus. I believe it helps the immune system and hopefully helps you get over the illness more quickly. Either way, I’m trying just about anything this year!

Sage Wellness Chest Cold Soothing Balm \\ $19.95
Use: Sooth Chest Colds

A natural version of your traditional vicks chest rub, this one is filled with rosemary and frankincense to provide comforting and warming relief and eyucalyptus and tea tree. This is on my list to purchase for the coming season!

David Tea Cold 911 \\ $10
Use: Herbal Tea to Sooth Throat

I’ve been told this tea is quite delicious and really helps sooth a sore throat plus the steam and aroma of the tea helps to clear the sinuses a bit too. I love drinking herbal teas when I have a cold because I always find them soothing. This is another one on my list to try!

Hopefully this list helps any of your out there struggling with a cold or flu! Of course a little rest and relaxation always helps too, and that’s usually free 🙂

What do YOU use when you have a cold or the flu to help you feel better??

xx HBL


*there are no sponsored or affiliate links in this post, we’ve simply linked all items above to the most relevant retailer for easy purchasing.


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