While setting up our baby registry and shopping for our not-yet born baby, we found ourselves gravitating towards wooden toys as a favourite option. They are more natural and can actually help stimulate babies mind in a healthier way that electronic toys (not that there’s anything wrong with those!). Elliot has a wide variety of toys, including electronic ones that he also loves playing with but we’ve found he gets most creative and uses his imagination when playing with simple wooden toys.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite wooden toys to share with you today, incase you’re on the hunt for something new!

Babies Favourite Wooden Toys


Haba Animal Upon Animal

Elliot seriously loves playing this game with us. While he’s a bit too young to actually ‘play’ the game properly he absolutely loves knocking down the stacked wooden animals once we’ve set them up. He’s slowly getting the concept of building them up too.


Uncle Goose ABC Blocks

We purchased these after our return from a trip to Germany because we wanted to be able to teach Elliot a few simple german words. They were great for taking monthly photos too and have been fun to use as building blocks.


Hape Walk-A-Long Puppy

I have to say there is nothing cuter than a little baby dragging a toy along behind them! This little wooden toy is so uniquely built and very good quality, Elliot loves taking his puppy for a walk around the house almost everyday now!


This simple adult game takes on a whole new meaning for kids. Elliot loves watching us build with the blocks and runs over afterwards to knock them down. This ‘game’ stays on repeat for most of the day once we get started.

There you have it. A simple round up of some really great wooden toys you’re baby is sure to love as much as ours does!

xx HBL

*there are no sponsored or affiliate links in this post, we’ve simply linked all items above to the most relevant retailer for easy purchasing.


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