Hello, Welcome to my page of most frequently asked questions. I get a lot of questions from you guys and from friends and family on a variety of topics related to my health and lifestyle. I’ve decided to share some answers to these questions on here so you can get to know me a bit more!


Q: Why Did You Start Blogging?
A: This is a way for me to share my healing journey with everyone. I enjoy creating dishes in the kitchen and I’m really into facts and figures (accounting nerd!) so I love sharing what I learn. This was a great way for me to share all the knowledge and information I’ve come to appreciate and use in my everyday life. It’s also a great way for me to connect with like minded individuals who also may be on their own path of healing.

Q: How Often Do You Blog?
A: I Blog as often as possible! I currently have 2 weekly series: Loving Lately on Fridays and Beauty posts on Sundays, I also post a healthy tip on the first Tuesday of every month. I try to post my recipes, travel and adventures, reviews and features on all other days of the week when I’ve got something exciting to share.

Q: Do You Write Your Own Blog Posts & Recipes?
A: Yes. Everything you read on my blog is written by me (unless of course its a feature or interview, but I’ll always let you know). I create recipes in my kitchen based on my mood, cravings and what I have on hand. I’m always experimenting and trying new foods. You can tell my posts are all written by me as I’m extremely passionate about health and wellness so I love to dig deep into research to pull out facts and fun information to share.

Q: Do You Ever Write Promo, Paid or Sponsored Posts on Your Blog?
A: If a company approaches me with an offer, I will review it and based on the quality of their product I may agree to a paid/sponsored post; there will be a disclaimer for all of you to make you aware of this, however the opinions expressed will always be my own. I do also accept samples, gifts and products to review where I then post honest reviews of my own opinion. I value honesty and integrity so I don’t promote a product I don’t believe in; no amount of money is worth it for me. To find out more or send samples, click here.

Q: How Can I Start A Blog?
A: It’s so simple! There are so many different blogging platforms where you can start. The best advice I’ve received is write about things you’re passionate about and don’t be afraid to include your personality in your posts. I initially started my blog for myself, to document my healing journey and now it’s turned into so much more. It’s an inspiration not only for myself but so many others now! There are a lot of good resources out there too – here are a few I found helpful: Nutrition Stripped, Deliciously Ella, Minimalist Baker, My First Mess (I also adore and love so many other blogs too)!

Q: Do You Have a YouTube Channel?
A: Yes! I’m so excited to have launched this recently, check it out and subscribe to stay updated <3


Q: Do You Identify Yourself As Vegan?
A: Not anymore. While in the beginning of the journey it seemed to be the easiest way to describe how and what I was eating on a daily basis, I’ve recently come to the decision to minimize the ‘vegan’ label in my life as I feel I don’t specifically fit into that lifestyle. I do lead a mostly plant-based lifestyle, however I do on occasion consume honey and bee products, and in exceptional occasions I do eat farm free eggs, goat cheese and milk products, wild caught fish and organic farm fresh chicken. I am on a healing journey, using food as medicine. To feel my best is the ultimate goal.  I like to say I eat a very balanced healthy diet full of mostly organic produce, plant based and whole foods.

Q: Why Do You Use ‘Vegan’ Hashtags and Tags On Your Posts?
A: I use these hashtags and labels in my social media posts to reach a broad audience. I also use hashtags like #glutenfree and #cleaneating. These ‘labels’  help me identify my posts with other like minded individuals. I do not use the term vegan or gluten free if my post includes something with gluten or non-vegan products.

Q: Do You Force This Lifestyle On Anyone?
A: Never. I encourage, when welcomed, a healthier lifestyle filled with more natural organic foods and healthy amounts of exercise. I accept and believe that everyone has their own lifestyle and can make their own decisions. I never speak abusively or belittle someone for leading a different lifestyle. I treat others how I’d like to be treated. I’d also like to state that being on a healing journey means finding things that work for you, it’s a constant work in progress and if it means changing something along the way so be it.

Q: What Resources Do You Use To Maintain A Balanced Healthy Lifestyle?
I have read a many a books and studies, I’ve watched a ton of documentaries, I have numerous plant-based cookbooks and I utilize trust-worthy content on the web! To find out more specifics check out my Health & Wellness Resources page.

Recipes & Food

Q: Do You Eat Soy?
A: I try to avoid soy as often as possible. It has high levels of estrogen and with my illness it causes inflammation. Soy is also one of the most genetically modified products in the world so I’d rather eat more natural foods.

Q: What Other Foods Do You Typically Avoid?
A: I tend to avoid processed and refined foods. This usually means No:

  • Processed & Refined Baked Goods
  • Soy
  • Dairy
  • Beef
  • Deep Fried Foods (Including fast food)
  • Processed Foods including: Salad Dressings, Cereals, Chips, Store Bought Nut Milk, Pop & Soda, Chocolate and Candy

Q: Ok, What Do You Eat On A Daily Basis?
A: Natural, real foods! I eat a variety of fruits and vegetables with every meal. At least half my plate is always loaded with fresh organic veggies. I eat a lot of legumes and beans and complex carbs like potatoes, brown rice, buckwheat and quinoa. I incorporate a lot of nuts in my recipes and love making my own nut milks, for a more detailed look at my kitchen staples, check here.

Q: How Can I Start To Eat More Healthy?
A: Simple, one step at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much information or restrictions at first, this can make the whole experience unpleasant. Instead focus on something specific you want to target, for example, increase the amount of veggies you eat with dinner. You can then start to incorporate more and more until it feels more like a lifestyle and not a diet. I promise, if you keep it up you’ll feel better than you ever have before!

Q: What Kind Of Supplements Do You Take?
A: I found I always searched for the answer to this question when I began my health journey, now I understand why I never found a concrete answer. Everyone is different, what supplements work for one person, may not work for you. I currently see a Naturopathic Doctor who has me taking natural multi-vitamins, omega & Vitamin D oils, Probiotics and curcumin. Again, consult you own doctor or go see a Naturopath or Holistic Nutritionist to have a specific supplement regime created just for you.

Q: Do You Count Calories or Fat?
A: No. I don’t believe in restricting my diet to numbers. Calories and fats in foods are not equal, for example an Avocado may have more calories and fat than a slice of pizza, but the avocado is going to provide more goodness for your body than the slice of pizza.

Q: What Kind Of Blender Do You Use?
A: I just recently got a high-speed Blendtec with 3 different sized jars. The big one is great for making big batches of my Almond Milk, the middle one is great for my daily smoothies and the small one is awesome for nut butters, sauces and nice cream!

Q: Can I share and repost your recipe on my blog or website?
I’m sorry but No. I work really hard on these recipes and put lots of time, effort and passion into them. Unless you have direct permission from me, please respect this and do not post my recipes as your own or repost them.

Natural Beauty

Q: Why Are You So Passionate About Natural Beauty?
A: We need to take care of our bodies outside as much as we do inside. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs up to 80% of what we put on it! Just imagine the unknown chemicals and toxins you’re body could be absorbing in a lifetime.

Q: What is your daily skin care rountine?
A: To be honest, it changes depending on my mood. I have a variety of skincare products I like to use, but typically it would be: coconut oil to wipe any makeup off (including the eyes), then warm water and a fresh cloth to wipe it away, I’ll use a cleanser from there (either oil based or a non-abrasive one like Cara’s Sandlewood face wash) again followed by warm water and a fresh cloth to wipe everything off. Next I like to use a toner or facial mist to add important moisture and minerals into my skin, this is followed by either a facial serum or face cream. For makeup, I tend to use a lot less now! I just love the way my skin feels and I really hate to clog it with powders and creams. I do on occasion use eyeliner, mascara and concealer and sometimes lipstick (all natural and organic).

Q: Do you post about products you haven’t used or tried?
A: Absolutely not. I will only post a review or feature of a product that I’ve personally been able to try. I value honesty and integrity (as I mentioned above) and that means sharing only real, true information with all of you.


Still have questions? Send me an email HerBalancedLife @ gmail.com or leave a comment below!

xx HBL

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